Tyre Shopper Discount Codes

Use the following Tyre Shopper Discount Codes for October 2016 on the checkout page to get these exclusive discounts:

Spend £175 and get 3% off – code: TS3
Buy 4 tyres and get 5% off – code: TS4
Spend £200 and get 5% off – code: TS5

Visit the site via this link: www.tyre-shopper.co.uk to redeem your code.

Tyre Shopper Voted No.1 Online Cheap Tyres Retailer  To prove that Tyre Shopper sells the cheapest tyres online, a search tool has been created checking over 500 of the Top Selling tyre sizes against 3 competitors.

If you’re looking for a different tyre, then use the search tool on the main site.

Not just a passive collection of tyre brands and products for you to choose from.

They have strived to offer the maximum value to our customers by including a variety of services ensuring that you have a comprehensive tyre buying/ fitting/ learning experience.

That they are on the right path is clear by the large number of customers who use the site and their positive testimonials that spurs them on to do better.

The basic difference is our approach which is directed more towards helping you make informed tyre decisions rather than selling tyres to you. As compared to other online tyre retailers, we score over the following points.

Most Comprehensive Range and Best Prices

At www.tyre-shopper.co.uk, we pride ourselves on stocking the most comprehensive range of tyres across brands and sizes. We understand that the needs of our customers may vary as will their budget limitations.

Our range of tyres extends from the economical [budget to mid-range tyres] to premium tyres. Available also are winter tyres, summer tyres and all season tyres too.

Further we offer the best prices on our tyres. Because we purchase tyres in bulk from the authorized dealers, we are able to negotiate good discounts, the benefits of which we pass on to you. You can compare the tyre prices with other similar providers and find we offer the lowest price on any category of tyres.

But please note that “cheap” tyres do not translate as “low quality” tyres. We offer only the highest quality new tyres from world renowned manufacturers.

Ease of Using the Site

Our website design facilitates ease of navigation and enables you to arrive at information you are looking for quickly. We have the most advanced ‘tyre search’ option where you have to just type in your vehicle registration number.

Based on this input, our system pulls out your vehicle details and recommends the ideal set of tyres for you. It just can’t get simpler than this. You also have the option of searching for tyres by manufacturer, vehicle model or by tyre size.

Expert Technical Assistance

We have access to over 1000 trained tyre technicians who will professionally fit the tyre out for you.

There is a continuous training of these technicians to keep them abreast of the latest developments in the area so that we can offer maximum value to you. We have access to more than 200 fitting outlets across the UK and by just typing in your postal code; you can see which one is closest to you.

Offering Maximum Value to You

Tyre Shopper  is not merely about helping you choose the best tyres for your vehicle. We take our role as a leader in this sector seriously and play a responsible role in creating public awareness about tyre safety.

Our staff members with expert knowledge of tyres and how they function give you useful tips on tyre safety, tyre terminology that will be helpful and other interesting trivia on tyres through a series of ongoing articles on our website for your reading pleasure.

Our reporters have their ears to the ground and any news in the tyre industry, you can be sure to read it first on our website.

Our Awards and Accolades Tyre Shopper Trustpilot badge

We are happy to share with you that recently www.trustpilot.co.uk which is a third party independent site ranked us the top website in the online tyres category and gave us a badge to be proud of. We thank all our customers for this honour. Truly, we could not have achieved this without you.

Tyre Shopper site. Over 14,111 Customers reviewed our Service on TrustPilot and gave us an average rating of 9.6 out of 10

Hitwise top 10 awardwww.tyre-shopper.co.uk was ranked #10 in the “Automotive Shopping and Classifieds” category. Incidentally, this is the 10th time we have achieved this honour since our launch five years ago. This only demonstrates our commitment to customer service and excellence, which draws old customers back to us each time and helps in building a new customer base too.